Lennox Charron
International Inc.

The professional link with tanneries and production houses worldwide.


221 Fairhaven

Hudson, QC

J0P 1H0

Tel: (514) 345-1341
Fax: (514) 345-1973
Cell: ( 514) 865-6974


You can be sure that the same creative thinking offered by Walter Charron Sr. decades ago still drives LCI today.



Lennox Charron is a highly respected agent for leather tanneries and factories from Europe, Asia and the Americas. We focus our energies on offering the best leather and skins to meet the needs of our growing customer base. We are continually monitoring the changing world and fine tuning our offering to maintain our place in a fiercely competitive market place and seek out tanneries and factories that provide our clients excellent product and exceptional value. Our customers, who over the years have come to span North America, always receive our highest consideration.

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